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I'm willing to help people from the first tentative steps to avoid pitfalls, to try to move the research forwards and try to help people get around any brick walls they face.

I will analyse what you have already researched and provide research proposals and costing upfront, depending on the research you would like me to do and how long I believe it will take. I will conduct my research online or in person using libraries and other methods that are required. An agreement is made of what records you will want me to look at in advance.

Reporting back to you, I can write reports, send spreadsheets and i will make copies of the documents you require. This is at cost of what the library service used charge. Saved data can be in a format suited to your needs and what is allowed in the specific libraries. Either on pen drive, photos, photocopies and so on.

I will also suggest further research when needed. But please remember in research there are no guarantees and costs are incurred even if nothing is found in the records, or you may uncover things unknown to you.

The services I offer are;

  • Help

  • Analysis

  • Research

  • Report


Costs incurred will be made known in advance and payment will be required to begin.

My fee is £15 per hour. Document charges such as printing will be added on to the final total. This includes any photocopies or costs attached to gaining records, photo licenses and so on.

I am willing to travel distances as well as being based locally. But I will also charge you for travel costs, but this will be discussed before work begins.

I will require a deposit or payments up front depending on the cost of the research. This will all be discussed prior to any research completed.

Click the button below if you are ready to make enquiries.

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